Eurocopter Tiger – See The Formidable Power 😮 of Europe’s Attack Helicopter

Eurocopter Tiger attack helicopters are made of special materials, 80% of which are carbon fiber reinforced with polymer and kevlar.


The golden age of attack helicopters began in the second half of the 20th century, helicopters “armed to the teeth” could do almost anything on the battlefield. In the 21st century, combat drones began to replace them, but, even now, all armed conflicts involve the participation of attack helicopters. Among the attack helicopters, the Eurocopter Tiger is considered the most powerful design in Western Europe, this is the product of the cooperation between France and Germany, manufactured through Eurocopter. Tiger’s development began during the cold ωɑɾ. In 1984, the governments of France and West Germany demanded an advanced multipurpose battlefield helicopter. It was intended to be an anti-tank helicopter platform used to counter a potential Soviet land invasion into Western Europe.


The long development period, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the financial difficulties caused the project seem to be collapse. There have been calculations that the US-made McDonnell Douglas AH-64 Apache attack helicopter would be a significantly cheaper alternative than developing an entirely new helicopter. However, the Germans did not want to stop, they wanted a more multi-role helicopter, in addition to being an excellent anti-tank platform, the specifications for the German platform were modified to include armed battle reconnaissance, close air support for ground troops, and escorting other helicopters.